Door Camera

The IC-6230DC is a brand new wireless door camera that hooks securely over the door without any screws or installation tools. It fits any door and provides crisp images along with an advanced motion detection system with passive infrared (PIR) sensor. Including mobile push notifications and powerful night vision for clear views in the dark. Just check your smartphone using the free all-in-one EdiLife iOS & Android app to see who’s there from the safety of your home or while you’re out, day or night.


Built-in high-quality microphone and speaker for two-way voice communication, so you can view & talk with whoever’s there from anywhere.


Networking People Together
Our mission is simple and clear: “Networking People Together”. With decades of experience in the networking industry, we are able to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our global partners and customers. We are committed to bringing the latest networking technologies to the customer at the most affordable price. Not only do we manufacture products for the SOHO and SME markets, but also enable our channel partners to provide complete networking solutions for large businesses. Our long-term business strategies and innovations have allowed our company to consolidate its status as a renowned value-adding and customer-oriented manufacturer in the networking industry.

Edimax’s wide and comprehensive product lines satisfy the connectivity needs of any networking architecture or application for home and business. Our products are distinguished by their value, performance and excellent support. The complete range of our products include wireless solutions, print servers, xDSL routers, Ethernet switches, PoE solutions, powerline solutions, network access controllers, load balancer solutions, network cameras, professional surveillance cameras, VoIP solutions, KVM switches, media converters, home entertainment integration solutions and other customer-oriented networking applications. Additionally we offer the high-performance Edimax Pro range of enterprise solutions.

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