Although audio components make use of high grade electronics, for Yamaha their ultimate purpose is to faithfully reproduce the original sound of a recording. As a result of pursuing this ideal, Yamaha designed the Natural Sound Stereo series to allow people to enjoy the true sound of music in their own homes. How accurately could recordings be reproduced? The catch phrase “faithful reproduction” was often heard in the music trade in the 1960′. Yamaha’s response to this was unequivocal: “reproduction should be natural”. Adding unnecessary effects and enhancements just because the sound was passing through electronic components would have been a mistake. Yamaha waned to convey the individual nuances of each instrument contributing to a piece of music. Yamaha’s conviction regarding sound, and as a maker of musical instruments, is condensed in the phrase “Natural Sound”

Yamaha RX-V681

With high sound quality ToP-ART circuitry and high stability construction, this integrated amplifier delivers superior musicality and powerful sound. And by incorporating advances like a USB DAC function, it fully supports the latest high resolution sound formats.

Bluetooth, DLNA compatibility, and Apple AirPlay built-in for wireless connection to your compatible smart devices.
Enjoy the high definition video quality of 4K.
Supports 3D video signals. Additionally, the Audio Return Channel function enables audio to be sent and received via the same HDMI cable, so you can hear the sound from the TV with a single HDMI cable.
Supports AirPlay, which means it can accept wireless music streaming from an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, as well as from iTunes on a Mac or Windows computer.
Compatible with many audio formats such as Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It is also compatible with high-resolution audio codecs such as DSD, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, and Apple Lossless.
Enjoy music from your vinyl collection through the phono input terminals.
The Total Purity Concept encompasses high-drive amp technology, high-purity pre-amplification, anti-vibration technology, and independent power supplies.
Virtual Surround Back Speaker function – Even without using surround back speakers, you can experience more natural, lifelike sound from behind you without physical speakers being installed in the surround back area of the listening environment.
* Wireless Direct connects a mobile device directly without a home network
* Front-panel USB digital connection for USB flash drives
* HDMI front panel input
* Ability to change HDMI input while in Standby Through mode
* Audio delay for adjusting lip sync (0 to 500 ms)
* Background video feature (for radio, USB, Bluetooth, audio network, and auxiliary inputs)
* Low standby power consumption of 0.1 W




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